A Guide to Going Viral

Reaching customers and creating awareness is something that determines the success of any business. The access to customers has become significantly easier over the years thanks to the development of social media platforms. These platforms have given businesses a way to reach out to their customers in an effective and efficient manner. This is the reason why it has become significantly important for businesses to come up with campaign ideas for their viral marketing efforts and implement these ideas by teams that have been specifically designed to take care of viral marketing efforts of the business.

All of the famous brands worldwide have successfully built a strong viral presence and that is exactly what you need to do in order to succeed and take your business forward. In this article, we discuss tips that will enable you to design and implement a strong viral marketing campaign thus creating awareness for your business and making a place for it on The Virality Map.

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience

The first step of making a strong viral presence is doing the background work that will help you understand your marketing goals. This includes identifying and understanding your target audience. As well all know anything that goes viral catches the attention of millions of people. However, you need to specify the audience that your campaign intends to target to guarantee success. Do a detailed analysis of your target audience including the demographics, psychographics,and other behavioral factors.

Once you have identified your target audience, it is necessary to understand the kind of material they are likely to share and be interested in. Find out more about your target audience in order to come up with a campaign that is sure to grab their attention.

Step 2: Pick the Right Platforms

After identifying and understanding your target audience you have to decide on the kind of platform you will be using for your marketing efforts. There are a number of options that are available to marketers in terms of social media platforms. However, the kind of platform you choose will depend on the kind of marketing technique you will be using to move your message across.

Instagram will, for example, give you an option of choosing a picture story whereas LinkedIn can be used if you have written content that you wish to use for your campaign, Facebook can be used for video messages as well as other strategies. While choosing the right platform also keep in mind the interests of your target audience in order to guarantee success. You can seek help from consultants who can help your determine the right strategy to be used when dealing with the different platforms available.

Step 3: Create Engaging Content

Most of the social media platforms suggest content to their users based on their interests and behaviors. This is done by using an algorithm that gives ranking to different content going viral according to the needs and interests of the user. So, in order to reach the target audience, it is necessary for you to create the kind of content that will be surely enjoyed by your target customer. It is also important to keep the content interesting and exciting for the target audience. This can be done by using catchy headlines or using content that will make the audience feel emotionally connected. You can also use the services of different independent creative consultants to help you create the perfect content for your needs.

Step 4: Post at the Right Time

Timing is extremely important in determining the success of your viral marketing campaign. In order to make your viral efforts successful, you need to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and news based on the interests of your target audience. If there is a hot trending topic that seems relevant and beneficial for your post you can plan the posting in such a way that it coincides with the trending topics.

Do not forget to use those hashtags! However, if there is no such trend, you can plan your posting accordingly. Just make sure not to post it at a time of tragedy. Nobody wants their business to be associated with a negative event.

Step 5: Use Ads To Create Visibility

Another way of creating awareness for your business/brand could be by spending some money on paid ads that will help you gain some visibility. This can help your content becoming viral however it will require some amount of investment from your side.

Step 6: Engage Influencers

Using an influencer in order to gain visibility and awareness for your brand is an effective and time-saving strategy. With the advent of social media, there has been an increasing trend of influencers creating awareness of different brands to their target audience. You can use the help of a social media influencer who can help you introduce the brand to the target audience. However, it is extremely important to choose the right social media influencer. This can be done by going back to your research done in Step

Step 7: Track And Measure

It is also imperative to keep track of your viral marketing efforts to ensure effectiveness. Once the viral marketing campaign has started you need to use different analytics tools in order to determine the success. Do not expect yourself to reach your goals with the first campaign. If you find something to be unsuccessful in a particular campaign that does not produce desired results, you should immediately make changes accordingly in the strategy. For this, you will have to keep tracking and measuring the performance of your ongoing viral marketing campaign.

Step 8: Add Calls To Action

Do not leave your audience hanging after grabbing their attention. Make sure you add a call to action factor in your viral marketing campaign that will motivate the audience to take a step. This can be done by offering discounts on their first purchase, offering them free membership or a free trial.

Step 9: Attract More Attention

Once your viral marketing campaign has reached a considerable number of views, you can then move on to attracting more attention for your campaign by contacting different news organizations and bringing their attention to the success of your marketing campaign. However, before contacting any news organization, it is a good idea to work on developing a press release that is sure to get attention and does not lack content and authenticity.

Step 10: Use Content To Create Originality

Nothing great comes from plagiarizing and copying the efforts of others. Similarly, it will not be beneficial for you if you use content for your viral marketing effort that uses the ideas of others. A campaign that lacks originality will not be welcomed by the audience and will have a difficult time becoming etched in their minds. Hence, make sure your campaign uses new ideas and thoughts. If you require ideas and innovation in your campaign you can use the services of creative consultants who are known for creating and designing successful viral marketing campaigns. li

The Impact of Technology on Marketing and How Brands Can Use Technology in Marketing

The virtual realm ranges from the daily humdrum to some of the most astonishing and complex utilities that have changed the way we live our lives. Today, each one of us have become a creator and designer, which was not very appreciated a decade ago. In 2008, Nike got recognized as the World’s Most Innovative Company, all credit going to Nike iD, which helped the customers to imprint personalized designs onto Nike sneakers. We are living in the age of technology and creativity, where latest and easy to use tech tools accessible on our phones through apps are available. You talk of any sector or industry, technology has not only enabled, but also encouraged a unique customer experience.

Let’s see some examples:

Real Estate: Real Estate professionals are leveraging VR to allow home buyers to visualize, interact with, design and experience their homes in immersive 3D. You can now design your interiors even before the house is constructed. You can now view every corner of your house and see what it looks like in real life, rather than relying solely on 2D models and other people’s advice. To the builders, it helps them is giving confidence to the customer in terms of designing, purchasing decisions and above all saves a lot of time.

Retailers’: Technology has changed the way people explore a store. Now if you want to buy furniture or even a car, you can make your selection sitting on your couch. The pricing and other relevant details are made available just in few clicks and your order gets placed. Also so many technologies, including VR have come up where the customers can take part in an experience where they can design their wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. and even share it ahead with their friends through various social media channels.

Advertising: Advertising houses are making big time use of VR and related technologies and are designing their campaigns in context of the brand culture. Mountain Dew for example, created content and videos using Samsung’s Gear VR. Industry players and experts believe that if there is anything that is going to inspire mass consumer adoption, it will be Virtual Reality. It has also been observed that commercials with an interactive experience holds on the visitors for a longer time, in comparison to others!

Entertainment: You can now enjoy the music of your favourite artist anytime and anywhere. Music companies, specially are already exploring the role the technology can play in live music experiences.

Health care: With a 3-D model, doctors can now explore a 360-degree view of the patient’s body or a particular part before the surgery and thus spot and work on some critical issues that need to be addressed. Moreover, it also helps patients get a better sense of what will occur during the procedure, which can help put them at ease.

Travel: A lot of airways have found a new way of entertaining the customers while waiting for their flight. Airports now have public VR kiosks, where they can virtually visit a place even before they board. Experts have shared these experiences are not only a wonderful source of in-flight entertainment, but also drives the customers’ attention towards things like services, etc.

Thus technology is helping the brands to create a unique and memorable experience. While every sector and industry is becoming competitive; creation of a viral and immersive customer experience is something that the marketers will have to think of. Being ‘tech forward’ has a lot of importance these days, but at the same time, not many brands and agencies are well-versed with it. So think smartly about how will you use technology to create an engaging and memorable experience for your customers!

Is Your Marketing Content Authentic and Impactful?

What are you sharing with your audience?

Is it content that is aligned with your brand? Are you sharing it with your authentic voice? Is it having the impact you want it to have?

All good questions to be asking about your marketing content. Those aspects and more go into creating great content that really reaches your audience, connects, and builds relationships. All essential steps before a buying decision.

You can craft your content to connect, so you build that relationship. How? Here are 6 aspects of successful content:

1. Educate

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing what you know. When you do, it adds to the perception of your brand as a subject matter expert. You also give your audience a taste of what it would be like to work with you.

2. Entertain

I recently did a video where I put on a top hat and Groucho Marx glasses and mustache. It was fun to be goofy! And I got so many comments – people liked seeing me laugh at myself.

Your sense of humor is part of your authentic, unique self, right? We’d love to see that!

Another way to entertain is to surprise people. Do something unusual. Include a little intrigue to keep their interest.

3. Tell stories

Stories engage. Since we sat around a fire in caves, we’ve been telling stories. Your marketing as a whole tells a story about your business. Stories are the most effective way to sell your product or service. Tell stories about your business, your impact, your clients, your team in a way that aligns with your brand. Tell a powerful story and you’ll connect with people in a deeply meaningful way.

4. Add value

Bring value to your audience with your marketing content. If you’re looking for ideas, listen to your audience! What are they asking? What are they commenting on? If you want to know more, ask them! Guide them to additional resources, like one of your articles, podcast episodes, or videos.

5. Be authentically unique

Bring out what’s unique about you and your brand. That authenticity is what sets you apart and helps you connect with your ideal audience. Fly your freak flag! Emphasize how special you are.

6. Be relevant

Consider your audience. Is your content going to speak them? Bring them the information they want?

Every time your business touches the outside world, you’re telling people something about you and your business. Each time is also an opportunity to connect with your audience and if they like what you’ve presented, to share it and spark conversation.

See how many of these aspects of successful content in your marketing you can include for more impact. You’ll connect and build the relationship that will lead to more income for your business.

Ursula Jorch is a speaker, business coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow a successful business that makes a difference in the world. A 21-year successful entrepreneur herself, Ursula helps you define the difference you want to make in the world and develop strategy and marketing so you have ever-expanding impact.